Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk - Download Lock Screen & App Lock

- April 17, 2019
Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk - Jio Phone is one of the first Indian mobile phones that are already equipped with the support of the VoLTE 4G network and have a relatively affordable price on the market. This one phone also has a fairly cheap price when compared with several brands of phones In addition, there are some features that are not less powerful such as music, cameras, audio recorders, videos and can also be used for social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. A Fingerprint Apk application is also launched by Relience Jio for security of the cellphone by updating features on the device.

Jio Phone Fingerprint Apk - Download Lock Screen & App Lock

Now you can take advantage of the fingerprint sensor feature by locking and unlocking your cellphone like a feature on a smartphone. Please use this great feature to secure several applications found on your cellphone using a pattern, fingerprint and passcode (PIN Key). In addition, the application This can also be used on all types of Jio phone cell phones, both old and current. Because not all Jio Phone phones are equipped with security features like the one discussed this time. For that please for those of you who don't have Fingerprint Apk feature, can download and install the application now for free.

In addition to making it easier to open and lock the phone, there will be a lot of advantages that you can get from this one feature. One is to protect cellphone security and so that important information on cellphones is not easily known by others such as telephone number information, contacts , photos, videos that are personal. For the Jio Phone itself, it has been popular since it was first launched because of its fast and very efficient internet network for ordinary mobile classmates. So for you and other Jio cellphone users who might now be looking for a fingerprint finger for the phone, please download it here.

Download Jio Fingerprint Phone Apk for Lock Screen & App Lock

To have it you can get it for free by visiting the Play Store using the device. Take it easy because here a full tutorial is available to make it easier for all of you, please follow the steps as follows!

How to Use Jio Fingerprint Phone Apk to Open and Lock the Phone

  1. First, please open the browser and visit the Play Store
  2. Now look for Ice Unlock Finger Scanner on the application search menu
  3. Press install to start downloading and the installation process will start
  4. Verify with OTP in Jio Phone if you agree to install the application in accordance with the terms and conditions
  5. Open the Jio phone settings menu, select Finger Print Lock and please confirm
  6. Now your Jio Phone has used the Lock Screen & App Lock feature
  7. Besides, you can also change the type of cellphone security that will be used such as Pattern, Fingerprint or Passcode (PIN)
  8. Done!

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